Hi I'm Alexis Phillips, a 29 year old engineer who is passionate about sustainability and helping others in need. I received my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson, and my first job was working as a Design and Quality Engineer at BorgWarner Turbochargers. I then went on to be a Project Manager for an energy efficiency tech startup in NY. There I managed a $6mil contract to green 100 multifamily buildings in Brooklyn and finished the 3 year contract 1 year early.

I then moved to Barcelona and Lisbon to get my Masters in Renewable Energy Engineering on a full-ride scholarship where I studied topics such as: fuel cells, solar, offshore wind, waste to energy, blockchain, and entrepreneurship from a top business school, to name a few. Afterwards I was a project manager for a solar microgrid company in SE Asia (Myanmar/Burma) where we electrified rural villages. I wrote my master thesis on using solar irrigation to help bring farmers out of poverty as they would save almost half of their expenditures by switching from diesel pumps.
- Alexis Phillips
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